Jon Pigrem | Production Tutor | ICMP London

Jon was born into the live music industry, and with parents working at a large annual festival spent every summer surrounded events that were at the heart of the music industry. By a teenager he was working on soundboards for festival stages and live radio broadcasts.

For Jon, growing up in London during the early 90s meant that the club scene was inescapable. As a classically trained musician, the switch to DJing and Production was an easy one and the Acid House movement provided Jon a new culture and community to immerse himself in. By the late 90s Jon had built a studio with friends and was writing and producing dance-oriented music for a range of labels and media organisations from Island Records to RIA and the Ministry of Sound. Jon continued working in dance, writing, performing and running monthlies across London throughout the noughties.

The studio arts became both passion and occupation. Alongside his work in the industry, Jon completed a degree in Sonic Art (Middlesex), Master degrees in Music Composition (Goldsmiths) and Acoustics (LSBU), and is currently in the final year of his PhD at Queen Mary, where his focus is the design and evaluation of Digital Musical Instruments and Tangible Interfaces.

To learn more about what Jon is up to, visit his website here.

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