Here at ICMP, we’re committed to investing in the best possible teaching and learning environment for our students, ensuring the latest equipment is always available when you need it. This means having regular access to professional computing facilities and industry-leading software on campus, including the use of Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) devices in our tech labs.

As we introduce blended learning in September, we know that not every student has an adequate device or the required software to use at home. So we’ve launched a new MacBook Loan scheme to ensure all students have access to the necessary technology to excel in their studies, whatever the circumstances.

Ensuring students have access to the correct technology will also help us to reduce the number of students within our building, specifically those needing access to our tech suites.  Our tech suites are some of the busiest rooms in our building,  therefore reducing demand will play a significant role in maintaining the safety of all students and staff onsite.

What does the scheme involve?

The scheme gives you the opportunity to borrow a brand new MacBook Air for the duration of your studies at ICMP. You'll be free to install your favourite DAWs, plugins and software as required to support your studies and personal projects. If you have requirements for specific software packages essential for your studies, please let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate these where we can.

Who can borrow a MacBook?

All new and continuing students can take advantage of this initiative, as long as you’re studying with us in the 2020/21 academic year and don’t already have access to an equivalent or better device of your own. We are aiming to loan a MacBook to every student who needs one; however, there is an upper limit to the number of devices we can loan, so we would encourage you to apply for the scheme as soon as possible. 

This scheme exists in addition to the support available under our Access and Participation Plan

Who owns the MacBook?

The device will be owned by ICMP and will be on loan to you. You must return the device in an undamaged condition at the end of your course, or if you withdraw from your course. If this doesn’t happen, ICMP may hold you liable for the cost of a replacement MacBook.

How will my MacBook be configured?

Your MacBook Air will arrive brand new and boxed straight from Apple. The machine will come pre-registered to ICMP's Mobile Device Management service. This service will not hinder your use of the machine, you'll be able to install your own software as required and use your machine as you’d expect. ICMP will retain administrative control of the machine, however we will not interfere with your use. Our administrative rights simply allow us to remote lock or wipe the device in the event that this is deemed necessary, for example, were it to be stolen. These rights also allow us to distribute software licences for some software where required for course completion.

In order to comply with PREVENT legislation, your Mac will also arrive with the Apple web filter enabled, this ensures your machine is not used for any untoward activity.

You will require an internet connection for the initial set-up procedure. Upon activation, your machine will contact the ICMP server to download a non-removable configuration profile. This step cannot be skipped. Once activated, the machine is ready to go and is yours to use for the duration of your studies at ICMP! 

How do I apply for a MacBook?

You can apply to borrow a device once you’ve completed our online 'Confirm a Place' process and confirmed your student finance arrangements (eg, provided confirmation of your student loan application). It’s then a matter of simply submitting your details using the form below. For more information on the MacBook Loan scheme, contact